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The district wide contact for Wilmette Public School Dist 39 is
Kathy Hughes
Phone: (847) 512-6044
Address: 615 Locust Road Wilmette, IL 60091

Building contacts are listed below.

Central School
Cathy O
Address: 910 Central Ave
City: Wilmette
Phone: 847-512-6103
Fax: 847-251-4086


Harper School
Jesenia Murphy
Address: 1101 Dartmouth Street
City: Wilmette
Phone: 847-512-6204
Fax: 847-251-4176


Wilmette Junior High School
Arbella Jando
Address: 620 Locust Road
City: Wilmette
Phone: 847-512-6654
Fax: 847-256-0204


Romona School
Maureen Quinn
Address: 600 Romona Rd.
City: Wilmette
Phone: 847-512-6403
Fax: 847-251-4153


Mikaelian Education Center
Kathy Hughes
Address: 615 Locust Rd.
City: Wilmette
Phone: 847-512-6000
Fax: 847-256-1782


Highcrest Middle School
Karolina O
Address: 569 Hunter Road
City: Wilmette
Phone: 847-512-6503
Fax: 847-256-0083


McKenzie School
Sandra Arellano
Address: 649 Prairie Ave.
City: Wilmette
Phone: 847-512-6303
Fax: 847-251-4067